TAMUCC Islander Army ROTC

Lead the wave!

Army ROTC provides some of the most valuable skills and experiences possible for your future: leadership, team-building, management training, and physical fitness. Come give it a try. You can get in shape at morning physical training, earn course credit in tactical and leadership classes, and earn a scholarship, all before deciding whether to make a military commitment.

If you enlist in ROTC, you'll be serving your country while gaining the tools, training, and experience necessary to become an officer in the US Army.

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  • Fall photos are posted from Island Warrior Day, the Alcohol Training/Suicide Prevention lab, and some miscellaneous.
  • We entered fall 2016 with about our largest Islander ROTC cadre ever: 140 cadets! TAMUCC also begins fall with its largest group of Islanders ever, reaching 12,000 students for the first time.