Distributed Basic Course

(ROTC Fast-Track Entry)

Distributed Basic Camp is a fast-track option for upper-level (junior and senior) college students to become an Army officer through ROTC. Completing this fast-track program earns you credit for the first two years of ROTC.

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There are three components:

  • Summer 2020: Online modules, practical exercises, and tests
  • Fall 2020: Hands-on work during the first week/s of junior-level ROTC class
  • Ongoing: Initiate Medical Evaluation, Coaching towards Army Physical Fitness Test Success, Develop Degree Plan, Initiate Security Clearance, Register for Fall 2020 classes

Islander Army ROTC will coach you through the contracting process and the steps of medical evaluation, security clearance, degree plan, and scholarship requests. Your obligations from there will include:

  • Successfully completing the last 4-6 semesters of ROTC, along with your degree
  • Successfully completing a 4-week field-based experience at Fort Knox in Summer 2021
  • Successfully completing a military history course
  • Passing the Army Physical Fitness Test
  • Contracting no later than November 2020

ROTC weekly obligations while a TAMU-CC student:

  • 2 ROTC class sessions
  • 1 lab (includes combat water survival, small unit tactics, rappelling, team leading)
  • 3 PT sessions
  • Plus 1 leader training exercise weekend per semester